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Dec 2017 - 11 min - Uploaded by Loki DokiA brand new FM18 patch came out today (18. Описание: Для FM18 создан совершенно новый XML-файл, это позволило удалить около 1000 старых и дублированных рекламных блоков из патча, в этом новом формате также должно быть проще обновить рекламный щит. Пак скинов для Football Manager 2017. Подскажите хороших свободных агентов в новом патче.

Football Manager 2015

Все существующие программы для футбольного симулятора PES 2017, в этом разделе собраны популярные модификации, с помощью которых можно очень быстро изменить вашу игру. Добавляем разные стадионы от сторонних мейкеров, которые создают полноценные или частичные футбольные арены для игры PES 2017. Раздел для основной графики которая помогает визуально улучшить вашу игру и придать ей большую полноценность.

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В этом разделе собраны только графические файлы. Консольные версии всегда требуют дополнительных файлов, патчи дают вам возможность насладиться игрой. Ru активно поддерживает и продвигает игру Pro Evolution Soccer на территории России и стран СНГ, мы постоянно пытаемся создать интересные решения для наших пользователей и продолжаем идти в ногу со временем. Fixed a crash on season turnover when adding MLS into the game without having it loaded at game start. Fixed Vancouver, Portland and Philadelphia not having Academy players properly generated.

Fixed a crash when playing with two human managers and one of them was claiming a player waived by the other human manager. Fixed an issue where adding a league was causing more people then needed to be loaded into the game. Fixed an issue with international competitions sometimes getting the wrong number of teams from a continent. Fixed scaling of distance run stat in match stats. У вас отключен Javascript, поэтому некоторые функции форума не будут работать.

Чтобы расширить функционал, включите Javascript. Fixed crash when clicking on the backroom advice button. Players who say they are willing to leave the club to help with the clubs debts no longer get upset if you transfer list or offer them out. Fixed scouts completing their nation assignments too early for small reputation clubs. Adjusted generation of names for Croatian newgens with second nationalities. Fixed older newgens in some cases getting youth contracts instead of regular contracts.

Playing for a clubs A and B teams now does not count as having already played for 2 clubs in a season when joining a new team. Past meetings tables are now sorted by goal difference and goals for after points. National team facts information panel now only uses first team players. Fixed newgen name issues where some African newgens for example were getting English names because of their birth city language being English. Players no longer get unhappy about the clubs league position until after a reasonable amount of games have been played.

Fixed bug where a person loses a language skill when changing from a player to a staff member. Stopped inappropriate manager to manager comments been available on Brazilian State league games. Players don’t get called up to Olympic qualifiers if they have important club matches. Automatic rejection of other national job offers if offered multiple jobs. When you accept an offer it auto-rejects the other jobs just like it does with club management.

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Stopped players constantly feeling under media pressure. Cancelled friendlies now don’t cause entire tours to be cancelled. User achievements screen now displays the date left after the user has resigned from a national youth team job. Stopped user been able to interact with players who are away on loan. Stopped two player happiness contradictions, wanting a new challenge/agreed a future move and also wanting to stay at the club. Improved the selection of players parent teams send to their affiliates. Fixed shots off target in quick matches sometimes being displayed as a negative number.

Increased the number of strikers selected in U20 World Cup squads. Fixed German First Division games being refereed by lower division refs (requires new game). Improved international squad selections. Stopped unavailable players playing matches in inactive leagues. Stopped player conditions dropping so much in the quick match engine. Removed some pre-game histories that were being retained when playing with fake players (requires new game). Removed inconsistency in a players decision to try to learn a new preferred move or not. Stopped staff members joining much smaller teams for a minor job promotion (Steve Gatting etc.

Fixed an issue that could stop a human getting an international job when he is the best candidate. Made some improvements to Best Eleven selections. Fixed an issue whereby a scout was hired but couldn't perform scouting duties, mainly affects long term games. Stopped duplicate news item appearing for human manager’s former team when appointing a new manager.

Removed Chelsea transfer embargo. Fixed an issue whereby a player could become unregistered if user went on holiday over the registration deadline.

Got the board to take into consideration the time left on a player’s contract when deciding to veto a free transfer. Fixed an issue whereby the board would state you can scout a region, but the option never appears for that region on the assignments dialogue. Fixed incorrect contract rejection reason when a coach rejects a contract due to basic wage. Fixed an issue whereby a human manager was prevented from accepting a management position at an amateur club upon the first time of asking.

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Fixed an issue where the incorrect match sequence milestone could be displayed pre-match for the away team. When a player complains in the media the unhappiness isn't removed until they have responded to the manager’s response. Updated Brazil top level ticket prices. Stopped Chairman investing in club when not required.

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Fixed Swiss youth wages being too high. Fixed Finland wages rising too high. Adjusted Danish wage budgets.

Football Manager 2015 Transfer Updates and Custom Leagues

Fixed backend sugar daddy budgets. Fixed Singapore, Israel wages bug causing low end wages being calculated incorrectly. Adjusted MLS staff wages. Fixed issue where calendar bar was not cleared down after choosing to start a New Game from within another game. Fixed problem where the quick flicks did not work when on a managers search screen. Fixed issue where the view of the finances screen was not remembered when going back to it.

Football Manager 2015 Transfer Updates and Custom Leagues

Fixed text problem in the Latest Scores when button would change between wrapping to two lines and not wrapping when the button was clicked. Made it possible to remove the picture from an old manager profile when adding a new manager. Made sure the training sections are available for at least one of the reserve or youth squads. The match rules button now gets updated correctly when returning to the arrange friendly screen. When managing both a nation and a club the shortlist shortcut will now take you to the personal shortlist and not the national pool.

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Mac menu bar gets updated when the language is changed. Ensure we display release clauses which have been activated on person's contract section of the profile.

Allowed sorting of player media history comments. Added Composure and Concentration to show up in the Shooting and Defending training categories when filtering for attribute history in the training section of the player profile. Fixed bug that allowed user to alter buy back fee on a non-negotiable offer.

Патчи игры Football Manager 2011

Fixed bug where "Address Me As. " would be empty when there were no existing user profiles on add manager screen. Recently Viewed Teams is now correctly labelled as Recently Managed Teams on add manager screen. Tooltip for show next fixture button now correctly states "the next fixture", rather than "your next fixture". Added missing links to interested clubs and clubs that have made an offer for a non player on the non player's transfer panel.

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Fixed problem which would sometimes cause the filters in the notebook to include notes that should have been filtered out. Fixed problem where third place play off finals would not appear in tree menu despite being selected. Added nation flags to teams waiting to be drawn into competition groups. Fixed issue where radar player icons sometimes disappear in full match view. Fixed an issue with setting an anchorman role using the quick tactic roles dialog on the match screen.

Made sure the selection rectangle around the tactics pitch is always drawn properly. Fixed the positioning of the forward run arrows on the tactics pitch. Fixed issue on the preferences screen which caused it to ask if changes should be discarded when no changes had been made. Fixed the sorting of the squad status column on the player search screen.