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HyperText Transfer Protocol — «протокол передачи гипертекста») — протокол прикладного уровня передачи данных (изначально — в виде гипертекстовых документов в формате «HTML», в настоящий момент используется для передачи произвольных данных). Примеры перевода, содержащие „electronic patch“ – Русско-английский словарь и система поиска по миллионам русских переводов. And no less significant in this pile of objectives is naming the astronaut who will be responsible for the design of the mission patch.

He had a black patch over one eye. У него была черная повязка на глазу. V I need some matching material to patch my jeans. My grandmother, too poor to buy a blanket, would patch together (= sew small pieces together to make) a quilt with old scraps of cloth. (M) (figurative) The two countries are trying to patch together a treaty (= make one from the points they agree about) on agricultural trade. (M) The whole town needed patching up (= repairing) after the explosion.

(M) (figurative) Jackie and Bill are still trying to patch up their marriage. The added part used to repair a component, e. A rubber disc glued to a tube to cover a nail hole. The footprint of a tire in its contact with the ground. Software code that replaces or updates other code. Frequently patches are used to correct security flaws. Petroleum industry a material used to cover, fill up, or mend a hole or weak spot.

A set of parameters and their values on an effect unit or synthesizer that create a specific sound. Patch originally referred to the cables, or patch cords, that were used to connect components from early synths; it now refers to a named or numbered set of parameters that can usually be altered and saved. Мы надеемся, что эти выражения дать вам хорошее представление о том, как использовать слово « Patch» в предложениях.

Перевод слова patchс английского на русский

Copyright © 2001-2018Все права защищены законодательством РФ. Использование материалов сайта возможно только с прямой ссылкой на источник. А) чинить на скорую руку; заделывать; подправлять; His trousers were patched up, and he was ashamed of them. Б) улаживать (ссору); Have Jim and Mary patched up their quarrel yet? The director and the chairman seem to have patched up their differences of opinion. Подштопать, заштопать, подлечить; After the car crash, the driver was taken to the hospital to be patched up. Заплата to cover a tear with a patch —- поставить заплату на прореху 2.

Клочок; лоскут colorful patches —- разноцветные лоскутки 3. Повязка на глазу a man with a patch over his eye —- человек с повязкой на глазу 5. Пятно (неправильной формы) a patch of brown (on the skin) —- темное родимое пятно (на коже) a patch of white on a horse's nose —- белое пятно на носу лошади a patch of sunlight on the floor —- солнечный зайчик на полу a patch of moisture —- пятно сырости 7. Небольшой участок, клочок земли a cabbage patch —- участок под капустой a garden ^ —- садовый участок 8.

Отделка на платье, накладка these patches are the very height of the fashion —- такая отделка сейчас в моде 9.

Перевод слова patchс английского на русский

Обрывок, отрывок this letter was written by patches —- это письмо писалось урывками a patch of poetry —- стихотворный отрывок the book is good in patches —- местами книга неплоха 10. Включение породы, пятно породы 14. "заплата", вставка в программу (с целью исправления или изменения) Id: not a patch on smth. Ничто в сравнении с чем-либо; в подметки не годится Id: a fine young man but not a patch on his father —- славный молодой человек, но не идет ни в. Временно соединять 2) заплата 3) латка 4) лоскуток 5) модифицировать программу 6) наклейка 7) пластырь 8) пятно 9) ставить заплаты - bicubic patch - degenerate patch - hard patch - nonproper patch - patch constraint - patch cord - patch function - patch of integration - singular patch - soft patch - surface patch.

Смесь для мелкого ремонта (кирпичных, бетонных и т. Поверхностей вклеенный кусок древесины (при ремонте столярных изделий) производить ямочный ремонт (дороги) color-matched patch portland-cement based patch quickset concrete patch skin patch. Накладка; заплата 2) пятно 3) горячий ремонт; заправка (футеровки печи) производить горячий ремонт (футеровки печи) 4) замазка для заделки выбоин в кладке производить замазку выбоин в кладке 5) производить ямочный ремонт (дорожного покрытия) 6) излучатель (в микрополосковой антенне) 7) коммутация с помощью штепсельного соединителя коммутировать с помощью штепсельного соединителя 8) склейка (напр.

Магнитной ленты) склеивать (напр. Магнитную ленту) 9) перемычка; временное соединение 10) вчт. "заплата", вставка в программу ставить "заплату" 11) впайка (в стереотип) 12) швейн. Прокладка - arrest patch - black patch - casing patch - castable patch - cold patch - contact patch - cutover patch - dense patches - devitrification patch - fog patch - gunned patch - hot patch - hot contact patch - lining patch - moving contact patch - oil patch - piecewise-smooth patch - refractory patch - slab patch - slag patch - striker patch - tinplate patches.

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A piece of material or metal etc. Used to mend a hole or as reinforcement. A pad worn to protect an injured eye.

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A large or irregular distinguishable area on a surface. A period of time in terms of its characteristic quality (went through a bad patch). An area assigned to or patrolled by an authorized person, esp. A number of plants growing in one place (brier patch). Of black silk attached to the face, worn esp. A piece of cloth on a uniform as the badge of a unit. By up) repair with a patch or patches; put a patch or patches on. Phrases and idioms not a patch on colloq. Patch cord an insulated lead with a plug at each end, for use with a patchboard.

Patch pocket one made of a piece of cloth sewn on a garment. Patch test a test for allergy by applying to the skin patches containing allergenic substances.

Etymology: ME pacche, patche, perh. Noun Etymology: Middle English pacche Date: 14th century 1. A piece of material used to mend or cover a hole or a weak spot 2. A tiny piece of black silk or court plaster worn on the face or neck especially by women to hide a blemish or to heighten beauty 3. A piece of material (as adhesive plaster) used medically usually to cover a wound b. A usually disk-shaped piece of material that is worn on the skin and contains a substance (as a drug) that is absorbed at a constant rate through the skin into the bloodstream a nicotine ~ c.

A shield worn over the socket of an injured or missing eye 4.

A part or area distinct from that about it cabbage ~ c. A period of time; spell was going through a rough ~ 5. Someone or something equal or comparable — usually used in negative constructions the new chairman isn't a ~ on his predecessor 6. A piece of cloth sewed on a garment as an ornament or insignia; especially shoulder ~ 7. A temporary connection in a communication system (as a telephone hookup) 8. A minor correction or modification in a computer program II.

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Transitive verb Date: 15th century 1. To mend, cover, or fill up a hole or weak spot in 2. To mend or put together especially in hasty or shabby fashion — usually used with up c. To connect (as a person or message) to a communication system especially temporarily they ~ed him into the conference call Synonyms: see mend III. Noun Etymology: perhaps by folk etymology from Italian dialect paccio Date: 1549 fool, dolt.

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A patch on a surface is a part of it which is different in appearance from the area around it. The bald patch on the top of his head. There was a small patch of blue in the grey clouds. N-COUNT: usu with supp 2. A patch of land is a small area of land where a particular plant or crop grows. A patch of land covered in forest. The little vegetable patch in her backyard. N-COUNT: with supp, oft N of n 3. A patch is a piece of material which you use to cover a hole in something. Jackets with patches on the elbows. A patch is a small piece of material which you wear to cover an injured eye.

She went to the hospital and found him lying down with a patch over his eye. N-COUNT see also eye patch 5. If you patch something that has a hole in it, you mend it by fastening a patch over the hole. He and Walker patched the barn roof. A patch is a piece of computer program code written as a temporary solution for dealing with a virus in computer software and distributed by the makers of the original program. (COMPUTING) Older machines will need a software patch to be loaded to correct the date.

If you have or go through a bad patch or a rough patch, you have a lot of problems for a time. (mainly BRIT) His marriage was going through a bad patch.

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If you say that someone or something is not a patch on another person or thing, you mean that they are not as good as that person or thing. (BRIT INFORMAL) Handsome, she thought, but not a patch on Alex. PHRASE: v-link PHR, PHR n. N 1 »PART OF AN AREA« a part of an area that is different or looks different from the parts that surround it (Lost) (a small dog, white with brown patches. Patch of dirt/grease/damp etc) (Watch out for icy patches on the roads. Patch of light/sky etc) (Patches of blue sky peeked through the clouds.

OVER A HOLE« a small piece of material used to cover a hole in something (a jacket with leather patches at the elbows) 3 »FOR GROWING STH« a small area of ground for growing fruit or vegetables (a strawberry patch) 4 »ON YOUR EYE« a piece of material that you wear over your eye to protect it when it has been hurt 5 »DECORATION« a small piece of cloth with words or pictures on it that you can stitch onto clothes 6 a bad/difficult/sticky patch informal especially BrE a period of time when you are having a lot of difficulty (Gemma's going through a bad patch right now.

Sb's patch BrE informal an area that someone knows very well because they work or live there; turf1 (4) AmE (The boss knows everything that's going on in our patch. Not be a patch on BrE informal to be much less attractive, good etc than something or someone else (She's no great beauty - not a patch on Maria.

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Good/interesting/boring etc in patches especially BrE good etc in some parts, but not all the time ~2 v to put a piece of cloth over a hole, especially in a piece of clothing patch sth together phr v to make something quickly or carelessly from a number of different pieces or ideas (A new plan was quickly patched together. Patch sth/sb up phr v 1 to end an argument because you want to stay friendly with someone (Try to patch up your differences before he leaves.