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Уменьшено время охлаждения с 3,0 до 2,7 секунд. В данном ролике вам будет рассказано, о дополнении падение ориата в Path of. Wichita, L, Text Game Report · Game Sheet · GAME SUMMARY. Зимние трансферы для всех команд; Команды 2.

The Guild Bank is divided up into separate tabs so that the guild leader may restrict access or group items into distinct categories. Transaction logs of the last 25 actions within each tab, as well as money activity. Has seen many improvements with the addition of over 50 new and a new neutral goblin town called located in the southern part of the zone. There is also a featuring a crashed, to the east of. Many leveling improvements have been made for the. The amount of needed to gain a level has been decreased between levels 20 and 60.

In addition, the amount of experience granted by has been increased between levels 30 and 60.

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Level 1-60 dungeon quests have had their experience and faction rewards increased. Many elite creatures and quests in the level 1-60 experience have been changed to accommodate solo play. The latest patch of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade shows a benefit on today's popular multicore processors like the Intel(r) Core(tm)2 Duo processor family. The enhanced patch has demonstrated higher frame rates by spreading the work across both processor cores. Is a 10-player, level 70 outdoor instance located in the.

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Players will be able to confront six new bosses including the Warlord. The Guild Bank will allow players with the appropriate permissions to store items and money for use by the rest of the guild.

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The amount of experience needed to gain a level has been decreased between levels 20 and 60. In addition, the amount of experience granted by quests has been increased between levels 30 and 60. All items have had their bonuses to Rating converted to a new stat called Rating. Each point of Weapon Expertise reduces the chance for your attacks to be or by.

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Healing reduction effects will now affect all health drain spells and abilities (e. Will reduce health gained from). Almost all items and enchantments that provide now also provide a smaller number (approximately 1/3) of bonus. There are a few items and enchantments where this was not possible, such as random-stat items and enchantments, but this is now the case on virtually all other items.

On Kill Effects: Items and abilities that trigger on killing an enemy will no longer trigger on using an ability that kills your pet. Weapon Skill: All items and abilities that granted weapon skill have been changed.

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In most cases, they were converted to or expertise rating. Ranged attacks do not benefit from expertise, so ranged weapon skill has generally been replaced by critical strike bonuses or hit bonuses. In a few cases, talents have been changed to other effects to avoid granting players excessive amounts of expertise. A new Alliance has been added to the in northern. Flying units can see ground units and vice versa at any altitude. Players no longer gain the moving radius bonus if they are jumping.

Client spell cast requests are now sent to the server even if your player is already casting another spell. This eliminates the need for /stopcasting in macros to compensate for latency. Vendor Discounts: All vendors with an associate faction now give discounts at all levels above. Who have available will have a blue exclamation point instead of a yellow one. Will try to get behind their targets when engaging in combat. You can now obtain a pet with faction. An pet now drops from the in. If you are seated and try to use abilities that require you to be standing, you will stand up and use them.

This can be disabled with: /console autoStand 0. Now increases chance to with Guns by 1% rather than increasing weapon skill. Now increases the critical strike chance with maces and two-handed maces by 1%. Humans: now increases the critical strike chance with swords and two-handed swords by 1%.

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Now increases the critical strike chance with axes and two-handed axes by 1%. And Thrown Specialization now increases chance to critically hit with those weapons by 1% rather than increasing weapon skill. The top ranked team of each battlegroup for each format will receive a new unique title for the end of Season 2 called “Merciless Gladiator”.

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Have been added targeting a random battleground for that day. Look for and near your faction's in all major capitals. Dropping the Flag in a battleground will now result in a debuff that will not allow you to pick up the flag again for 3 seconds.

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Druids who are shapeshifted when they receive the Restoration buff from battlegrounds will now correctly regenerate mana. Players will now be able to cast spells for free in the Battleground before it begins.

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Players will now be able to cast spells for free for a few seconds after being resurrected by a in the Battleground. Additional Warmasters no longer report for duty upon destroying an enemy tower.

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However, destroying an enemy tower still eliminates the associated opposing Warmaster. All Warmasters are linked to each other and their respective Generals and can no longer be pulled individually. Honor from capturing towers has been increased. All Commanders and Lieutenants have left Alterac Valley in search for other battle opportunities.

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Players will no longer be sent to their starting tunnels on death unless that team controls no graveyards in the battleground. Bonus Honor in Alterac Valley is now only awarded during the battle for destroying enemy towers and slaying the enemy Captain. Upon conclusion of the battle, bonus honor is also awarded for intact towers, a surviving Captain, and for victory in the battle. The total bonus honor awarded should be similar to the previous total. The Horde and Alliance now have a limited number of reinforcements available in the battle for Alterac Valley. The number of reinforcements available is reduced upon player death, loss of towers, and death of or.

In addition, all available reinforcements are lost upon the death of or. If a team is reduced to zero reinforcements, the opposing team wins the battle. Towers and Graveyards in Alterac Valley are now captured in 4 minutes (down from 5).

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The points awarded from capturing the flag in Eye of the Storm is now increase based on the number of bases the capturing team owns. Additional bonus honor is now awarded upon conclusion of the battle. It is no longer possible to cast this spell while. The chance for this ability to land successfully on its targets is now increased by. And are now usable in. Cure Poison, Abolish Poison and range increased to 40 yards. It is no longer possible for multiple Druids to have Entangling Roots on the same target.

In addition, it will now always be removed correctly if multiple Druids overwrite each other's Entangling Roots.

Патч от v200 до v2002 X: Reunion

Entangling Roots: This ability will no longer be overwritten when the new Entangling Roots would do less damage. Feral Attack Power: Items that granted bonus in, and forms have been re-evaluated. In almost all cases, the attack power on the item has been increased. This change corrects an issue where feral weapon damage was not keeping up with other classes in its rate of increase. It is now possible for the and effects from this ability to be separately. This ability will no longer automatically break on victims in its casting area.

Nearby stealthed characters may still be attacked if they are too close to the summoned. The chance for this ability to land successfully on its target is now increased by hit rating. This talent no longer provides 4/8/12/16/20% bonus in Cat Form.

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Instead it provides 2/4/6/8/10% bonus attack power. This spell will now always be removed correctly if multiple Druids overwrite each other's Hibernate. Natural Perfection (Restoration) - Now also grants the Natural Perfection effect after being, reducing all damage taken by 1/3/5% for 8 seconds. Natural Perfection: This talent can now trigger while the Druid is sitting. This talent will now be learned correctly even if purchased while the Druid is dead. Reduced to 20 minutes, from 30 minutes. Remove Curse is now usable in Moonkin Form.

Spells: Some of these spells were causing additional unintended. That additional unintended threat has been removed.

This spell now properly consumes. Now gains additional benefit from bonuses. Tree of Life: It is no longer possible to have the bonus healing aura from this ability while not actually in Tree of Life Form.

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If you are in a shapeshift form and try to use an ability that may only be used in caster form, you will leave the form and use that ability. This means that you can shift from one form to another in one action. If you don’t have mana to shift form, you will get an error message and remain in your current form. (Marksmanship) now reduces healing done to that target by 50% for 10 seconds, shot time reduced by 0. (Ranks 6 and above) now dispel 1 in addition to their normal damage. The initial damage dealt by this trap is now also increased by 10% of your ranged. The triggered effect from this talent will no longer use up charges of Misdirection.

The total damage dealt by this trap is now also increased by 10% of your ranged attack power. This spell will now always be removed correctly if multiple Hunters overwrite each other's Misdirection. Misdirection: If a Hunter attempts to use this ability on a target which already has an active Misdirection, the spell will fail to apply due to a more powerful spell already being in effect. This will not trigger the cooldown or cost any mana.